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FMP10A crash when creating DDR

Question asked by jmfeeney on Jan 15, 2009
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FMP10A crash when creating DDR

Description of the issue

FileMaker Products Tested: FileMaker Pro 10 AdvancedOperating Systems Tested: Windows XP SP2Detailed Issue Description:The first time I attempted to create a Database Design Report with FMP10A, the process crashed the application. The database solution I was documenting has more than 58 tables, 259 relationships, 618 layouts, and 1246 scripts that span 25 files. And, one of those files actually references 51 additional files. As the schema was being created for this particular file, which required FileMaker to open these 51 files (which were closed at the time I ran the DDR,) FileMaker abruptly crashed. Since then I've run the DDR two more times and the entire process completed successfully under the exact same conditions. I don't know how you could possibly replicate this, but something caused FileMaker to crash once. I'll let you know if it ever happens again and try to provide more information if possible.