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    FMP10A crash when creating DDR



      FMP10A crash when creating DDR

      Description of the issue

      FileMaker Products Tested: FileMaker Pro 10 AdvancedOperating Systems Tested: Windows XP SP2Detailed Issue Description:The first time I attempted to create a Database Design Report with FMP10A, the process crashed the application. The database solution I was documenting has more than 58 tables, 259 relationships, 618 layouts, and 1246 scripts that span 25 files. And, one of those files actually references 51 additional files. As the schema was being created for this particular file, which required FileMaker to open these 51 files (which were closed at the time I ran the DDR,) FileMaker abruptly crashed. Since then I've run the DDR two more times and the entire process completed successfully under the exact same conditions. I don't know how you could possibly replicate this, but something caused FileMaker to crash once. I'll let you know if it ever happens again and try to provide more information if possible.

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          I Have the same issue since 9. 9 is crashing while 8.5 wasn't.


          It turns out it's because of a kind of file corruption (of course the FMP 9 recover said the file is ok).


          I was able to find where the DDR process crashes, by paying attention to when (on which file, the DDR crashed). I then asked for the ddr of just that file, and surely it crashed. So I took a look at the half processed ddr export to see the point where it crashed.


          It was during script export. And I noticed it was crashing at one script (the 10th newest or more exactly, the one located in scriptmaker at the last minus 10 place at the  end of the scriptmaker listing).



          I deleted the script but DDR still crashed so I deleted the last 10 of the scriptmaker list. Then DDR was exporting fine.


          Out of the blue I tried to  move those last 10 script all the way up in the scriptmaker list, and guess what DDR works.


          So my DDR export problem is due to a kind of corruption, unreported by standard recover tool, that gets resolves i I move up the scripts !!


          So now I'm living like that, I added more scripts below. When I need a ddr export, I duplicate my database, push all the bottom script up and that's fine ! 


          I have the feeling that this bug/corruption involves/is related to or is a side effect of script grouping as there's some groups in my scriptmaker list.

          Because no crashes in 8.5.


          Also, what struck me is that the scriptmenu doesn't displays the scripts below the offending ones even though there's some script below set to be in the menu. 


          I reported and sent my files to


          fmi.it@sykes.com FileMaker Italia Reply [Case ID #: 906452] 

          #Tgsal, it would be great if you could look into it. I could send you files


          they said maybe it was a corruption, but anyway that should be reported as such and not crash. And I think that corruption, that FMP 9 seems to not see using the recover function "file is ok", is maybe not a corruption but a bug created by grouping.



          With FMP 10, I tried the new recover method (the default one sees nothing). The recovered files (that FMP 10 says not to use) shows corectly the scripts below the offending ones and DDR export is ok !



          So to me FM Inc should look if :


          - new grouping can't create some corruptions (never had any issue so far)

          - Fix the DDR export to : not crash, and report where it encountered the problem. 


          Of course a program should never crash or else it's a bug !


          P.S : By any chance, Did you used my fmButlers' Clip Manager with your solution ? Because at the time of my discovery I was trying it. So I'm wondering if it didn't cause some king of corruption while pasting script.

          By the way I LOVER Clip manager it's a must have tool and don't want to put doubts on it for nothing (they just send xml to FMP and it's FMP that converts the xml to FMP objects) 


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               The crashes I'm experiencing are intermittent. I can open the multi-file database, run the DDR, and get a crash. Then reopen the database, rerun the DDR, and have no problems at all. As an aside, in FMP8.5A the DDR would often create a partial schema for this multi-file database, where half the data structures were skipped in the final outputted html report. Again, rerunning the DDR and saving over the previous (partial) schema would result in a complete schema being created. So typically, if I wanted a DDR, I had to run it twice before FileMaker actually got everything right. It remains to be seen whether these issues have been fixed in FMP10A, since I've only been testing this version for a week.
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                 Did you try XML DDR ? I also in the past (8.5 days) had some issue with html ddr but not with xml ones.
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                jmf35 and Glitchtracker:


                There's nothing worse than having an intermittent problem.  It's like taking your car to the mechanic....  That funny sound suddenly stops when you pull into the mechanic's driveway.


                jmf35 - If you ever determine what is causing the problem, please let me know.


                Glitchtracker - I have sent you a private message (top of page - right side - X Messages).



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