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    FMP10A Excel Import Problems



      FMP10A Excel Import Problems

      Description of the issue

      Im having 2 issues that I do not understand. We have a template Excel where the import sheets are protected from user input. The file name changes but the import order stays the same and is specified in the script. 1 We have an Import Script that performs without dialog to load the records.  We don't want it to import the first row as those are set to the fieldnames. I have performed the script once with the dialog and am able to set this feature then change the script to perform without dialog and this seems to make it perform correctly however when another user performs the same script they get the header row imported. I dont know where the issue stems from it seems to be a cache issue on the client maybe. The second issue also has  to do with  the import  in that when selecting the sheet to import occasionally it will state that no fields were selected to import. The only occurs when the script runs without dialog because when I set it to run with the dialog its fine. In fact once I switch it back to no dialog it seems to work fine again. The on again off again nature of this is a bit frustrating. Is there a solution to this This is a FMP10 Advanced Client and the database is served on FMP11 Server. The database was recently moved to the new server I dont know if that is related too.  

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          I may have discovered the answer to the first problem


          According to another developer if the specified Import order is changed filemaker will lose the other dialog settings and they will have to be refereshed


          I think this occurred  when I added a field to the record and it changed the import order on the script even though all it did was add a non importing calculated field to the end of the record.


          This resulted in the Import settings getting dumped and needed to be reset.

          The fix for this is to reset it using a temporary data source. So in trying to diagnose the problem I actually fixed it and didn't know it.



          I still don't have an answer on the second item because Ive made no changes to the table that is being loaded via the import.



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            Thank you for your posts.


            I'm glad you were able to fix the first issue yourself.


            Regarding the second issue, I'll need some additional information.


            Is this an .xls or .xlsx Excel file being imported?  What options are turned on?  That is, are you adding new records?  Updating existing records?  Don't import first record?


            I see the file is being hosted.  Do you have full read/write privileges to change the script?  Are you able to run the script but other clients are unable to?


            Anything else you can provide to help reproduce the problem would be appreciated.



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              Thanks for looking into this


              it is an .xls file Im using Excel 2008 of a Mac  Version12.4.2


              The only users of the system have full access privileges (only 2-3 of us) and only I edit scripts (I replaced the previous developer)


              In this case it was an add new records that was checked.



              There are a number of nested scripts from these excel templates


              They load into Temporary tables do validation of the data then export records to a new specified  xls file then import from that file into the new tables using update and add new options the do not import first row is checked in each case. 


              The problem was that when selecting the file the first time it was telling me that no fields were selected for import even though there was a specified import order. I didnt change anything about the import order or any options all I did was uncheck the perform without dialog box so as to see what the dialog settings were and things worked like it was supposed to.


              It was odd.