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fmp10a only shows 1st page in preview (sometimes)

Question asked by RowlandCarson on Mar 11, 2009
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fmp10a only shows 1st page in preview (sometimes)

Description of the issue

I have found that in at least one of my existing files the preview mode no longer works correctly since I upgraded to FMP10A. The symptom is that only the first page can be accessed in preview mode, even though multiple pages will print (both to paper & PDF). The flip-book icon and the slider are greyed-out and inaccessible. The problem appears to affect only one particular file at present, but appears to affect all layouts of that file. I thought at first I must be doing something stupid or have overlooked some important setting, but I cannot find anything out of order. The same file can be opened in FMP9A and exhibits no abnormal symptoms; preview mode shows all pages. The file in which I have so far encountered the problem is one which was created under a previous version of FMP or FMPA, but the symptom does not appear in all such files. The affected file contains 3rd-party personal data and so I would need a promise that it would be securely destroyed after any forensic work was done on it, but given that assurance, I would be prepared to forward a copy of the file for examination on request. Naturally, if I am doing something to cause this behaviour, I'd be only too pleased to hear!  Mac PowerBook G4 1GHz, 1GB RAM, Mac OS 10.4.11FMP10A 10.0v1 regards Rowland