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FMP12 Bento Import Creates Nonsensical Error and Crashes- 100% Reproducible.

Question asked by mrbill on May 21, 2012
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FMP12 Bento Import Creates Nonsensical Error and Crashes- 100% Reproducible.


FileMaker Pro


12- Latest Update

Operating system version

Latest Lion

Description of the issue

Hello- FMP 12 is giving me an erroneous error message and crashes when importing from Bento

Software versions and background:

Freshly downloaded FMPro 12 with softwre update check... Confirmed lastest version.

Bento 4.0.7- Software update confirmed latest.

Running Latest most up to date version of Lion.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Steps to reproduce:

- Open FMP12

- At opening home screen

- Select 'Convert an existing file...' link

- In Open File Dialog box, Change default from 'Excel Workbooks (.xlsx) to 'Bento Data Source'

- NOTE: Navigating to Library folder IS NOT POSSIBLE IN LION! So I just select my user directory and hope Bento can get there. - NOTE: I isolated the BentoDB file to the desktop, selected it, and am still unable to open without crash.

- Click OK.

- Error Summary: Bento file is too recent (later version?). And then Filemaker must be force quit.

Expected result

Import my Bento Database.

Actual result

Crash and Odd Error Message

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

- See Screen Snapshot


Just found a workaround-

Steps to work around:
- Expose the user library from within the terminal
- Copy the bento.bentodb file to the desktop top (DO NOT MOVE ORIGINAL!!!)
- Go to FMP12 home screen, click Convert
- In the convert dialog box, navigate to desktop
- From file type drop down, select 'all file types' (bentobd file will still be greyed out)
- Then select Bento from file type pull down and it seems to work.