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FMP12 import fails whereas FMP11 imports same file CSV successfully

Question asked by larryw on Aug 21, 2012
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FMP12 import fails whereas FMP11 imports same file CSV successfully


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS X 10.8 (latest Mountain Lion)

Description of the issue

Attempting to import CSV file into FMP12. File is formatted as comma delimited with commas between fields, and text quoted, numbers unquoted. FMP12 steps attempts to place the full row into a single column. The failure occurs whether creating a new table or attempting to import into an existing table.

In contrast, FMP11 had no problem importing this particular file, and parsed each field into separate table fields. After converting the new FMP11 file into a FMP12 file, I was able to import the table into my existing application.

From tests, this is a particular data dependent error (see below). The file to be imported in 1168 records long, numbered 1 to 1168. However, the problem can be isolated to two particular records.

Steps to reproduce the problem

The records producing the error are:

18,"Orchard Ridge","070931407112","1425 Annen Ln","MURPHY TRUST, E & M","E F & M J MURPHY,TRUSTEES","1425 ANNEN LN","MADISON","WI","53711",,"Annen","Ln",,1425,
19,"Orchard Ridge","070931415206","1426 Annen Ln","FUERSTENBERG, GERALD P","& RACHEL E HOLUBECKI","1426 ANNEN LN","MADISON","WI","53711",2/1/2007 00:00:00,"Annen","Ln",,1426,

Record 18 alone is imported without error, as is record 19. However, when attempted to import together, import does not parse into separate fields. The likely key difference is in the first record, the field for a date/time is absent, whereas the value is present in record 19.

Expected result

The two lines are parsed into separate fields

Actual result

Import is unable to parse fields into separate database fields, but instead indicates each record will be placed into one field.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

Out of the box FMP12v2


Use import feature of FMP11 into temp database, then import the resulting FP7 database into the final FMP12.