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    FMP12 is sending a Cardstock paper request to HP printers



      FMP12 is sending a Cardstock paper request to HP printers


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      After converting from V6.4 to 12.3 FMP on some but not all reports is sending a "Cardstock" paper request to our HP printers using a print script that includes the Print Setup and Print script steps. I can not even find an option whereby I could choose "cardstock". This issue causes the HP printer to display a message asking for cardstock paper. Or one can press the "Go" button on the printer whereby the Printer will then prompt if you want to use 8 1/2 x 11 instead which is what the Print Setup script step is set for. One has to get up, go to the printer and respond to the prompts. These reports previously printed flawlessly in V6.4 never requiring manual intervention on the Printing workflow.

      Any ideas what might be causing this?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Some files behave as described while others do not. No obvious difference in the Print Setup script step configurations that I have been able to identify.

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               I am guessing that you are hosting the problem file(s) over the network.

               Take the file down off the server and open it directly with FileMaker Pro.

               Select Print from the file menu and check the settings where you would specify cardstock if any are available to your in that dialog and print a page to the printer after specfing the correct paper source and paper size/orientation

               If you can get that to work correctly, put the file back up on the server and test to see if that corrected the issue.

               If not use advanced recovery options with these settings selected:

               Copy File Blocks as is
               Delete Cached Settings

               Put the recovered copy up on your server and test to see if the issue is resolved and let us know if that worked or not.

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                 Thanks for the reply. Firstly you are correct we are in a client/server configuration.

                 I did as you suggested and closed the file on the server and then reopened it in FMP12.

                 I open the Print dialog box, then the printer (HP LaserJet 8000) Properties dialog box and then yet another Properties box after that one whereby a multi-tab dialog box was displayed. On the Printer/Quality tab I found where during the conversion FMP12 had set the paper "Type" to Cardstock. This solved the problem!

                 However I am not out of the words yet. FMP12 is now sending a print request to the printer whereby the printer is prompting for which tray to print from. Same drill as previously. One now has press the "Go" button on the printer twice to dismiss the prompts whereby the printer then selects the tray containing the desired 8 1/2" x 11" paper and prints the report.

                 In the same previously mentioned dialog box the "Source" field is set to "Automatically Select" meaning, as I understand it, the printer is to select the tray to draw paper from to print on. In the existing 6.4 version FMP passed the Automatically Select command to the printer without the printer prompting for manual intervention on the Printer panel.

                 I now need to figure out why FMP appears not to be passing the Automatically Select command onto the printer so we do not have to go to the printer every time to manually intervene in order to complete the print process.

                 I am attaching a screenshot of the three aforementioned printer property dialog boxes. Upper left is first dialog box followed in the upper right by the second dialog box and finally the third dialog box is in the lower right side of the screenshot.





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                   If all else fails, remember my second suggestion.