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FMP12 Lag in data entry

Question asked by rpcia on Jun 19, 2012


FMP12 Lag in data entry


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

windows Pro 7

Description of the issue

When selecting or entering any kind of entry field int the browse layout there is a pause/delay of about .5 to 1 sec

Steps to reproduce the problem

Take the starter solution Contacts
Create a scrip to generate 100,000 records
File->Manage Database
From the fields tab select all fields and duplicate them repeat this process until their are over 2000 fields
Save your changes (this will take a while so grab a coffee)

Expected result

Should not really cause any negative affect on the data entry prior to increasing the number of fields data entry was flawless even with over 100,000 generated records

Actual result

Try selecting one of the fields in the contact details layout for the desktop it will now have  a lag of about .5 to 1 second

Configuration information

Windows 7 pro running the database from a SSD

I am not sure if the number of records has an impact on the results but these are the steps I took I originally suspected the starter solution had no lag do to the number of records.  That is not the case but it will lag when adding more fields.


None at this time our database file with over a 2000 fields did not have this lag in version 11 but it does now, even with a brand new quad core pc and 12 gb of ram.