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FMP12v3 plugin problems

Question asked by BowdenData on Nov 14, 2012
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FMP12v3 plugin problems


FileMaker Pro


12.0v3 Advanced

Operating system version

Mac OS 10.6.8

Description of the issue

With the v3 update to FMP12, there is a new folder where plugins get installed. FMP12 is still looking/loading plugins installed in the previous local user folder. If I have a plugin get installed during startup of a solution, it now puts it in the new folder.

The problem is that with the plugins loaded in both the old and new user folders, FMP12 immediately crashes upon launching the app.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Place the same plugin in both folders and launch FMP12.0v3. It will crash.

Expected result

FMP12.0v3 will NOT look/load plugins stored in the previous local user folder. It will only load from the new user folder.

Actual result

It loads plugins from both locations and crashes when plugins are located in both places.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Mac OS application crash dialog.


Do not load plugins in both locations. This is NOT a feasible workaround in a business environment though.