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FMP13 Memory leak with FMS 12 containers

Question asked by HaywardZwerling on Jan 28, 2015
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FMP13 Memory leak with FMS 12 containers


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS X 10.9, 10.10

Description of the issue

When using the FMS12 containers, one can no longer import a large file using any version of FMP13, as the import will grind to a halt because of a memory leak. The problem does not exist if the same file is imported using FMP12. This only occurs if the file is storing documents in the FMS12 containers.

Steps to reproduce the problem

It is reproduciable

Expected result


Actual result


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Configuration information

Mac OS X


I have to use FMP12 to import the files, not FMP13. Can I distribute my copy of FMP12 to my clients so they can upgrade their version of my software (ComChart EMR).  Does anyone know if this was fixed in FMP13v5. If not, will it ever get fixed. Re-writing the software to accommodate this bug is not possible.