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FMP14 Send Email via Client

Question asked by scampione on Jun 15, 2015
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FMP14 Send Email via Client


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 Pro SP 1 64 but

Description of the issue

Send email via client not working.  Previously (FMP12 on Windows 7 Pro SP1 32 bit) the 'send email (via client)' script step would invoke Outlook and provide the user with the standard Outlook email dialog.  Now, this does not happen.   After installation (and subsequent removal and re-installation) of FMP14 on Win 7 Pro SP1 64but, when the script step is peformed, the Outlook email dialog does not appear.  An alert box appers with the text "Uknown Error -1". No windows event log entries are created.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Attempt to invoke the 'Send Mail' script step with the 'Send Via' option set to 'E-Mail Client'.

Expected result

Trigger outlook to create an email and present the user with an appropriate dialog box in order to review the email before being sent.

Actual result

Alert box with the text "unknown error -1"

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Unknown Error -1


non known