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FMPA 10: group graphic + align = corrupt file?

Question asked by lhoong on Aug 24, 2009
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FMPA 10: group graphic + align = corrupt file?

Description of the issue

Using FMPA 10v3 on Mac OS X 10.5.6, it appears that I get a corrupted file if I do the following:  1. Create new db in FMP....first field can be anything 2. enter layout mode 3. click on rect. tool - draw rect. or square 4. click on line tool - draw 2 lines on layout 5. select both lines and group 6. select grouped lines and select rect. on layout 7. align center and align middle 8. close db 9. recover the db just created Result: Recovery log indicates that the db is corrupted with alert not to continue using the file.  The log entries also indicate that the grouped object on the layout had to be rebuilt. Can anyone else replicate this?  Why would aligning grouped graphics, created using built-in tools, cause such a recovery result? It seems like a bug to me. Lee Hoong=================Binary Assist220 Gaines Oak WaySuwanee, GA 30024Voice: (678) 313-5604Internet: lhoong@binaryassist.comWebsite: www.binaryassist.comFileMaker 10 Certified Developer