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FMPA14 crash on paste

Question asked by ryantittle on Jun 2, 2015
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FMPA14 crash on paste


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 14

Operating system version

Windows 8.1

Description of the issue

Copy and Paste functions not working in specify calculation type dialog boxes (both with right-click context menu as well as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V). In some instance, FileMaker Pro Advanced will crash upon attempting to issuing a paste command with Ctrl+V. The crashes so far have happened in Set Variable Options and Edit Custom Function Dialogs. Running Windows 8.1 with 2.30 GHz AMD A-10 processor and 6GB RAM. Also occurred on another machine with Win 8.1 with 8GB RAM and a better processor though I don't recall the make/model.

Copy/paste works in other locations, such as within a text field, or in copy/pasting an object in layout mode.

I have a crash report. I see a place to upload an image, but  not this report. Will gladly upload if given instructions on how to properly do so.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Open Starter Solution Contracts.fmp12 with FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 on a Windows 8.1 machine. File->Manage->Custom Functions. Select the first function (GetAddress) and click Edit. The text "" will already be selected when the dialog box appears. Copy the text. Attempt to paste the text into the same box.

Expected result

Previously selected and copied text will be pasted at the location of the cursor.

Actual result

If following the steps above, FMPA crashes upon pressing Ctrl+V. If a similar process is tried in some other places, for example, defining a calculation field, the copy/paste simply fail to work.