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FMPro forum odd behaviour

Question asked by BarrySpence on Nov 9, 2014
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FMPro forum odd behaviour



Operating system version

OS X v10.8.5

Description of the issue

Safari Version 6.2 (8537.

Pressing return/enter on my MacBookPro (Retina) to start a new paragraph in a post to the Using FileMaker Pro Forum does insert a paragraph break, but also moves the insertion point to the top left corner of the current post, rather than to the first line of the new paragraph.

From there it's necessary to either use the down arrow to move the insertion point down the page, or to click in the space below the previous paragraph to place the insertion point at the beginning of the new paragraph.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Enter some text into the composing window for a new post to the forum, or for a reply to an earlier post. After entering text belonging to the first paragraph, press return/enter to begin a new paragraph.

Expected result

The insertion point moves down one line and left to the margin. (return)
Subsequently entered text appears in the first line of that new paragraph (as it has done in this box).

Actual result

Paragraph 2: Subsequently entered text is inserted before the first paragraph of the message (as displayed in this box).Paragraph 1: A paragraph break is inserted (as evidenced by it being possible to place the insertion point into the line following the previous paragraph (as noted in the description). But the insertion point jumps to the top left corner of the message. (return)

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages appear.

Configuration information

MBPro (Retina), OS X v10,8,5, Safari Version 6.2 (8537.

Note that this issue appears in the Using FMPro forum, but does not appear in this (New Issue Report) forum.


Only those included in the description.