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FMPro v12 won't launch in Yosemite

Question asked by rafaunce on Jan 9, 2015
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FMPro v12 won't launch in Yosemite


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

MacOS X 10.1

Description of the issue

added a second drive to iMac 12,2 - installed Yosemite on that drive, migrated all data/apps from original drive
can open .fp7 files just fine with FMPro v11.0.4 (everything else behaving fine, too)
v12 first launched/crashed with cryptic characters on the splash screen (before nearly immediate crash) - downloaded the v12.0.5 update, which installed without issue - now the splash screen looks good, but error banner tells me v12 wasn't installed correctly (app quits) - tried installing again from .dmg, still no go - deleted and downloaded v12 .dmg again / reinstalled, still no go
do I need v13 to open my .fp12 files?