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    FMRESULTSET - Column Name unacceptable



      FMRESULTSET - Column Name unacceptable


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      Windows Server 2008

      Description of the issue


      I'm trying to edit record with FMRESULTSET but column with the dot(.) in it's name is giving me a lot of problems. Update to column name in the database is not an option.

      I have following problem with the XML result set:


      Like you can check from the previous example I want to update following columns: _Rating.n, _Subcategory and _Category.

      The problem is related to the "Rating.n" column. If I remove this column from the query, it works, but all columns with DOT within their name, cannot be updated I got an error message.

      Steps to reproduce the problem


      Expected result

      XML - with updated entity

      Actual result

      I get following error:

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          Hi Alen

          Could this be a simple typo?

          You refer in your code to the field Rating.n but in your text you refer to the _Rating.n column.

          "I want to update following columns: _Rating.n, _Subcategory and _Category"

          So is the underscore missing in your code?

          TS_Oz, FileMaker Inc.

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            The column name is a Rating.n, not with underscore.

            So, that's not a problem, because I accidently made a mistake while I was typing this issue.

            UPDATE TO THIS ISSUE: I have found following thing in Filemaker's XML Guide:

            "Field names that contain periods (such as “text.field”) cannot be accessed via XML or XSLT using an HTTP query"

            Is there any way I could override this problem?

            Thanks, anyways

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              Well the good news is that you have the information you need - periods in field names are not supported.

              The bad news is that is the way it works.

              Is there any reason that you cannot change the field name? I am assuming that .n means that rating is a number field. Would the name Rating work just as well? Your call.

              TS_Oz, FileMaker Inc.