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FMS 10 Adv crashes WPE fails

Question asked by rpcia on Jan 20, 2009
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FMS 10 Adv crashes WPE fails

Description of the issue

FileMaker Product(s) involvedFMS 10 Advanced multiple machine install alternativeOperating System(s) involved2003 Server StandardWebserver running IIS 6 and PHP is Windows 2003 SBS Detailed description of the issueAfter running for sometimes as little as an hour normally the server will start sending me error messages such asFileMaker Server on RPC reported the following event:Tue Jan 20 03:50:29 CST 2009 FMS ERROR wpe1Some problems were detected in the WPE COMPONENT: COMPONENT IS NOT RESPONDING.FileMaker Server automatically sent you this email. Contact the administrator if you no longer want to receive these notifications:Company emailPhone: (515) 733-5246Error logs: 1/20/2009 9:28 Server Events Error Database "FMTEMPFM4975cc130001" is damaged and has been closed.        1/20/2009 9:28 Server Events Error FileMaker Server quitting! An unrecoverable error occurred. (FileMaker Database Engine stopped.)        1/20/2009 9:28 Server Events Error Database "FMTEMPFM4975cd1e002b" is damaged and has been closed.        1/20/2009 9:31 Publishing Engine Access Error - - "/fmi/conf/config.wpc" 401 0 Exact steps to reproduce the issueSeems to happen the most after running a backup, and this is the first time that the server completely crashed on me today with the error above "An unrecoverable error occurred"Exact text of any error message(s) that appearedSee above Any additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issueI did a complete removal of FMS 9 Adv before installing FMS 10 Adv on both the master and worker machines.  I have a mix of fm 8.5, 9, and one mac user using fm 10. Any workarounds that you have foundI have tried turning off the WPE but it does not seem to help, my next steps will be to run the configuratin wizard and reconfigure without the option of WPE, because it still seems to want to run even when I have turned it off via the Admin Console. Once a day I have been having to go in use the cmd prompt because the Admin console will not respone, close all files and stop the server sometimes it doesn't when it doesnt the cmd window crashes and closes.