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FMS 10 Console crashed during scheduled backup.

Question asked by philmodjunk on Mar 12, 2009
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FMS 10 Console crashed during scheduled backup.

Description of the issue

System: Windows server 2003. Filemaker Pro Server 10, 1 client: Filemaker Pro Adv on Windows XP system. I am testing a new solution and learning the new features of FMS 10 by running on a "test bed" of two machines on our LAN. I edited the daily backup schedule to back up to a folder on a different internal drive. (Same hardware, different partition.) The schedule was set to back up and verify all files. (9 files, 979 total MB of data.)  While the backup was running, I was doing development work on a local copy of one of the files. While the copy was local, it contained external source links to some of the hosted files. After reviewing the log this morning, it looks like the system had successfully backed up all the files and was in the process of verifying them when the following message popped up: "The admin Console cannot establish a connection to the admin server" The console then quit. No error messages appeared on the client and when I restarted the console, it showed that the scheduled back up was continuing. (Since console and services are two separate apps, I expected this.) I had to leave before the back up was complete, but all was fine when I returned in the morning. The back up copies launch normally when I copy them across the network to my client machine and open them directly with FMP 10 Adv. Good news. No apparent harm done. Bad news: my boss saw this happen and wants to know why this happened.