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FMS 10 scheduled back up starts but never completes. Winserver 2008.

Question asked by philmodjunk on Aug 25, 2009
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FMS 10 scheduled back up starts but never completes. Winserver 2008.

Description of the issue

System Info: FMS 10.0.2, Windows Server 2008 System has three schedules (2 back up schedules and 1 server side script). This Sunday, (Business is closed on a Sunday, no clients were connected), the first schedule, a scheduled backup that backs up a single file and then verifies it, started running as scheduled but never completed. (Log shows when schedule started, does not show "back up completed" nor does it log that any verification took place.) According to the log, each of the other two schedules then started as scheduled but also never completed. Examination of the hosted database shows that the scheduled script performed correctly and completely. Checking back up directories shows that neither scheduled back up generated any folders or files. At this point, the database was serving all clients correctly and I allowed the server to stand untouched until the end of the business day. No clients experienced any problems with the hosted database files. The admin console was locked showing the status at the time the first backup was started. (It still showed zero users connected.) To fix the problem I then attempted the following: I tried using admin console to close all open databases. The console was unresponsive and users who were currently logged on did not receive any messages warning them that the database was shutting down nor did the databases shut down. I closed and re-opened console but there was no change. I then used Windows Services to attempt to shut down the filemaker server service. After a progress bar slowly filled in, I got the following error message:"Error 1053 Could not stop service. Service did not respond in a timely fashion to a shut down or start up event..." I then used the task manager to examine the status of the Filemaker Server Service and it showed a status of "stopping". I then restarted the server computer. Windows was able to successfully stop the filemaker server service and restarted. Filemaker Server Service successfully started and opened each of its hosted files after a long stretch spent verifying a rather large hosted file (2+ GB). This has now happened on two separate dates with several weeks of normal operation in between. The files all backed up and verified normally last night. If you want my log files, let me know and I'll send them in.