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FMS 10 Scheduled Script cannot handle External File References

Question asked by philmodjunk on Mar 30, 2009
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FMS 10 Scheduled Script cannot handle External File References

Description of the issue

Server System:Winserver 2003 Standard Edition Sp 2, FMS 10 Client SystemWindows Xp, SP 3, FMP 10 adv According to some extensive testing on my part, scheduled scripts appear to be unable to use external data references to interact with Filemaker Files and tables external to the file whose script is being executed. I reached this conclusion after carefully performing the script manually from a client machine, Running a schedule that performs the same script and then carefully examining the Server Log and the data in the related external files. Exhibit 1 Set Field [RelatedLocalTable::NumbField, Expression]Set Field [RelatedExternalTable::NumbField, LocalTable::NumbField] I deliberately cleared the two field contents, and ran the script manually.The two fields each received the same number as expected. When I clear both fields, and run the schedule, RelatedExternalTable::NumbField is blank and I find "Scripting Error (100) at "Filename: Script Name : Set Field" in the Log.According to the Help File, Error Code 100 means "File Missing". Additional notes to rule out some possibilities:Both External and Local tables are related to the same parent table via calculation fields that return "1" in all three tables.Matching records exist in all three tables.The same layout was current during both manually and scheduled runs of the script.The external file was open and running on the server during both script runs. Additional Error 100 codes appear in the log and appear to match up with Perform External Script calls.