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FMS 11 Admin Console hangs

Question asked by fmarker on Nov 15, 2010
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FMS 11 Admin Console hangs


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows 2008 Server

Description of the issue

After moving databases from a FMS 10 server to a FMS 11 server (Windows 2008 Server) on 11/4/2010, the FMS Admin Console data appears frozen in the past - the day the databases were moved.  Only clients connected at the time of the move 11/4/2010 are displayed.  Statistics are frozen in the past.  Schedule jobs "Last Completed" and "Next Run" are frozen in the past, although the Windows event log shows that some of the scheduled jobs are running daily.

The FMS Admin Server was restarted on 11/10 which corrected the issue temporarily.  However, the clients connected, statistics and scheduled jobs are now again frozen in the past (11/12) again.  Restarting the FMS Admin Server corrects that data.

Why is the happening?  How can this be avoided?