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FMS 12v3+ and 64Bit Plugins on Mac 10.8+ and CWP

Question asked by MattRevenaugh on Apr 17, 2013


FMS 12v3+ and 64Bit Plugins on Mac 10.8+ and CWP


FileMaker Server


Server 12v3+ with Custom Web Publishing

Operating system version

Mac OS 10.8+

Description of the issue

Non-use of 32bit plugins on a Mac by FileMaker Server is a game killer. No plugin developers have updated anything in 9 months!

FileMaker, please produce a real plugin template for developers. Don't rely on 24U to do your dirty work.

And please don't continue alienate a good portion of your developer base by making a change that is under documented and forced on the community.

FileMaker's continued sales trajectory is closely tied to it's developers, both of plugins and of solutions. This move feels like you're stealing the wind from our sails. What do we tell OUR customers? You can't upgrade until these guys all get their act together.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Try and install FMS and any plugin on any new Mac (Troi, PCAuto, etc). You will be quickly disappointed and in awe of the horrible situation.

Expected result

Simple, a script called on the server should have access to plugins.

Actual result

All current plugins are still 32bit and not compatible. So they fail!!!!

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

All plugin calls will return "?"


None, other than to lose business for both myself, and it seems FileMaker. How can we recommend any new installations that use Mac servers and any plugins for credit cards, file manipulation, bar code scanning, etc?