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FMS 14 Breaks WebDirect Export Field Contents Script Step

Question asked by Mac89 on Jul 17, 2015
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FMS 14 Breaks WebDirect Export Field Contents Script Step & Right-Click


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows 2012 R2

Description of the issue

Existing solution running v13.09, functionality broke after upgrading to FMS v14.0.2 in WebDirect only.

In our solution there are download buttons that trigger the "Export Field Contents" script step. These are used to download JPG and ZIP files. Under 13.09 and prior versions the buttons worked fine. After upgrading to FMS v14.0.2, the buttons continued to work when accessing the database from FM 14.0.1 clients. However, if you access the database from a browser using WebDirect the buttons trigger the script step, show a pop-up to name the file and then show another pop-up with a button that is the name of the file to download. When you click on the button, it grays out and nothing happens. The only option is to press the "Close" button. No files are ever downloaded. I tested and replicated the behavior using Chrome v43.0.2357.134 and Safari v8.0.7 on two Macs running 10.10.4 on two different networks with identical results. All of our clients have also been unable to download any files using our buttons due to this issue.

I also tried reducing the filename size to just a few characters with no discernible effect.

In addition if you right-click on a jpg image and select "Export Field Contents" the same behavior occurs and no file is downloaded.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1 - Create a web container field in a database hosted by FMS v14.0.2

2 - Add a JPG or ZIP file

3 - Create a button to trigger a "Export Field Contents" script step and point it to the appropriate container field.

4 - Log in through FM client v14.0.1 and hit button. Export should work as expected.

5 - Then log in from Safari or Chrome on a Mac using WebDirect and issue should occur.

Expected result

File downloaded via browser and saved locally on client computer.

Actual result

No file is downloaded.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message appears.


Desperately need a workaround for clients but have yet to find one.