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FMS Console Login Window is blank on Windows 7 multi-monitor system

Question asked by klawiter on May 31, 2012
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FMS Console Login Window is blank on Windows 7 multi-monitor system


FileMaker Server


version 11, version 12

Operating system version

Windows 7 Enterprise

Description of the issue

The java-based login window for the FMS Admin Console opens, but is blank (completely black) however, the functionality is still there.  The issue is specific to my configuration.  I have a Windows 7 Enterprise system with multiple monitors.  Monitor #2 was set as the primary monitor.   When starting the Admin Console, the login dialog would always appear in the upper-right corner of Monitor #1 and would be blacked out.  It would still function, and the console window would display centered on the primary monitor (#2 in my case).

Steps to reproduce the problem

specific workstation configuration issue (see workaround)

Expected result


Actual result


Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

Windows 7 Enterprise - FileMaker Server v11 and v12


I noticed that dragging the dialog over to the primary monitor would resolve the issue.  I reconfigured my system to swap monitors so that my larger monitor remained the primary monitor, but was also Monitor #1.   This resolved the issue completely.

It would appear that the login dialog is specifically targeting Monitor #1, while the Admin Console itself seems to target the primary monitor.