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FMS Deployment has the wrong value for Timezone

Question asked by nickorr on Jun 17, 2015
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FMS Deployment has the wrong value for Timezone


FileMaker Server


14 and 13

Operating system version


Description of the issue

The value for timezone in the php.ini that is created by the FMS deployment script is wrong.  In our timezone it gets the value of :

date.timezone = 'GMT+10:00'

Where it should be :

date.timezone = 'Australia/Melbourne'

The GMT reference will throw a warning, but in our case the warning caused a 500 Server failure error on a specific set of code, when the server was updated to 14, even though the same ini issue was in 13.  ( not sure why the difference, I think the newer versions of PHP are more aggressive with regards to some errors that previously. )

The confounding issue was the errors are hidden by default in IIS, so you just get a failure, not anything meaningful.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Install FMS 14 on Windows and open the php.ini that is created, and check the value for date.timezone.  It should have a value from :

instead of the number value it's currently using.  Try running phpinfo() to see it fail on that error in 14.

Expected result

The timezone should have the correct value.  In my case :

date.timezone = 'Australia/Melbourne'

but anything from is accurate.

Actual result

date.timezone = 'GMT+10:00'

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

PHP Warning:  phpinfo(): Invalid date.timezone value 'GMT+10:00', we
selected the timezone 'UTC' for now.

Configuration information



Replace the value in the ini file with a correct value.