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FMS Losing ESS Connection AND Adminserver unreachable

Question asked by hschlossberg on Nov 28, 2012


FMS Losing ESS Connection AND Adminserver unreachable


FileMaker Server


FMS 12.0v3

Operating system version

Windows 2008

Description of the issue

We are running FMS 12 on one server, with a db that is based on MySQL that lives on another server. We are using MySQL Connector 5.01.11.

Three times in the last month or two that the DB has been active, it will suddenly lose its mojo. From the user's perspective, they are asked for the ODBC login info because it cannot find the MySQL db.

When this happens, the Server Admin Console cannot be opened. Trying to restart the adminserver looks like this:

[uploaded a screenshot below (hopefully)]

Opening the ODBC configuration and clicking the 'test' button results in an ODBC 5.1 driver error HY000 / 10055.

So we have two issues at this point:
1) FMS Adminserver is dead and cannot be restarted
2) The ODBC connection is broken

Simply restarting the FMS service fixes both issues...which leads me to think it is more of an FMS issue than an ODBC or networking issue.