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FMS won't close files before shutdown

Question asked by Markus Schneider on Aug 25, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by Markus Schneider


FMS won't close files before shutdown


FileMaker Server


11.x, probably 12.x

Operating system version

Win & OSX

Description of the issue

when the server (hardware) is shut down (ie for maintenance), FMS will not close the files (mostly when users didn't log off - but as well with no users logged in). The OS will shutdown before the files are closed properly - resulting in a consistency check when restarting FMS, sometimes even with damaged files

Steps to reproduce the problem

restart the computer, check the logs after a restart. Sometimes, no entries with 'xxx closed', just the 'closing file xxx' entry

Expected result

files are closed properly BEFORE shutdown

Actual result

files are still open when os shuts the machine down

Configuration information

more often on windows than on OSX, seems to be that OSX waits a bit longer before shutting down the services


using a shell script with fmsadmin close -f or manually closing files via admin console (when available)