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FMS, corrupt databases if HD full

Question asked by seevogel on Feb 11, 2014
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FMS, corrupt databases if HD full


FileMaker Server


13 or any

Operating system version

10.8.5 or any

Description of the issue

the FMS still working as usual even if  the harddisk is full.
so the databases and backups getting corrupt.

Everything seems to be normal if you open the databases remotely.
but the backups of those databases shows "?" in every field of some tables.

Steps to reproduce the problem

put some databases on a FMS and define some backup rules.

let the server run for some time and put some big files on the HD to get it run out of space.
Do nothing and let it run.

Expected result

The FMS should check the space of the used HDs frequently.
If a HD is nearly full, the FMS should STOP any database and backup-process immediately giving a message.

Actual result

nearly every database on the server gets corrupted
the consistency check failed and told anything ok but every backup is demaged.