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FMS10 Backups Failing

Question asked by user1735 on Feb 2, 2009
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FMS10 Backups Failing

Description of the issue

I am using Filemaker Server 10 on a Windows Server 2003 SP2 box with the hard disk split into 3 partitions (file fragmentation is not my friend):C:\E:\F:\  The E:\ drive is configured as the additional database path and I am attempting to backup to the F:\ drive.  The problem is that backups do not work when the database resides on the E:\ drive.  They only appear to work when the database resides in the default database path on the C:\ drive.  Upon failure, the backup schedule status is "Permission denied", although this is obviously not a permission error.  (To my presumptuous eye, it appears to be a fileCopy syntax error in the Filemaker Server code.)  Here are the log entries: Schedule "Testing" running.Backup aborted. Invalid backup destination: "filewin:/f:/testing/Testing_2009-02-02_2327/e:/db/sample.fp7".Schedule "Testing" aborted; the destination "filewin:/f:/testing/" is not writable. Help!  Backups are not a luxury, they are a necessity!  Dave