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    FMS13 Cannot be Installed on mac with server.app



      FMS13 Cannot be Installed on mac with server.app


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      OSX 10.9

      Description of the issue

      FMS13 can not be installed on a mac with server.app web services enabled.  Although this is clearly stated in the installation documentation, I want to point out from a user perspective this is a major bug and there should be a work around.  We have one machine dedicated as a server in our environment.  This server has server.app installed and is used to manage users via OD, profiles, a wiki service and allows users to update passwords via a web page.  If I were to install FMS13 on this same server all those services would be unavailable.  I do not see why FMS13 cannot be configured to use the server.app apache instance and be configured to run as any other site through server.app

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Try to install FMS13 on a mac with Server.app installed using the server.app web services or profile manager.

      Expected result

      To be able to integrate FMS13 with OSX server on the same machine with out loss of any services

      Actual result

      Loose all server.app web services when using FMS13.