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    FMS9 Admin on 10.6?



      FMS9 Admin on 10.6?

      Description of the issue

      We have some FMSA9 servers still running (servers actually running on 10.4 themselves), and I'm trying to administer with my MacBook Pro running 10.6.1.  I can login to the server OK using the admin client, but when I go to the clients, database or schedule list, I get the following error:     Admin Server Connection Error:    An unknown error has occurred. I know FMS(A)9 is not officially supported on 10.6, but I was hoping the admin client would at least continue to run properly.  I have cleared my java cache, tried forcing to 32 bit mode, etc. and no luck. Please let me know if you've seen similar issues, if yours is working OK and/or if you have any solution.  Thanks!     - John May 

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          Thank you for your post.


          The Admin Console for FileMaker Server 9 will not run with a version of Java greater than Java 6 update 7.  Therefore, go into Java Preferences, select the topmost Java Applet plugin and click "Options...".  Make sure it is not exceeding Java 6 update 7.  If you are running the latest version of Java (update 15), then it will not work with FileMaker Server 9, and you will need to use one of the other versions listed in Java Preferences.  If another one doesn't exist (new machine with OS X 10.6.1 loaded), then you will need to download a prior version.


          We are trying to find a server with FileMaker Server 9 installed.  When we do, we will try to replicate the problem here to see if it is something other than the Java version.


          Please keep me posted with any updates. 



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Hmm, I tried this tip to install J2SE 5.0:




            and set both the Java Applet Plugin and Java Applications to use J2SE 5.0 32-bit, cleared the Java caches, etc. and still am getting the same error.  Maybe it's not just the version of Java that is the problem?


            - John 

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              We were able to replicate the problem here with a new Mac running Snow Leopard (10.6.1).  The only version of Java installed is Java 6 update 15, so since FileMaker Server 9 will not work with any version of Java beyond version 6 update 7, the Admin Console fails.


              From your test, downloading a previous version and installing does not work.


              The Apple support web site, for troubleshooting newer releases of OS and software, suggests re-installing the previous version of the OS before upgrading to the newer release.  Therefore, on one machine still running Leopard and Java 5, I upgraded the machine to Snow Leopard.  Unfortunately, the new Java replaced the old versions with Java 6 update 15.  It appears that Snow Leopard machines are unable to run Admin Console for FileMaker Server 9 (it does work for FileMaker Server 10).


              I have forwarded this information to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for review and confirmation.


              Until I receive more information, the only workarounds are to either upgrade FileMaker Server 9 to FileMaker Server 10, or access Admin Console for FileMaker Server 9 on a non-Snow Leopard machine.


              I will continue to keep you posted.



              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                i am running 10.6.6...and i just successfully installed the leopard (10.5) version of java and my console for filemaker server admin for server 9 now works fine.

                i used the instructions here:


                due to the lack of wget (and my lack of skills in command line) i downloaded directly and moved the 1.5.0 folder using "HideSwitch" which shows invisible files and folders in the finder.

                i did use the terminal (command line) to make the symbolic link. [last line of unix instruction in link above "ln -s 1.5.0-leopard 1.5.0"]