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FMS9 Admin on 10.6?

Question asked by PointInSpace on Nov 2, 2009
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FMS9 Admin on 10.6?

Description of the issue

We have some FMSA9 servers still running (servers actually running on 10.4 themselves), and I'm trying to administer with my MacBook Pro running 10.6.1.  I can login to the server OK using the admin client, but when I go to the clients, database or schedule list, I get the following error:     Admin Server Connection Error:    An unknown error has occurred. I know FMS(A)9 is not officially supported on 10.6, but I was hoping the admin client would at least continue to run properly.  I have cleared my java cache, tried forcing to 32 bit mode, etc. and no luck. Please let me know if you've seen similar issues, if yours is working OK and/or if you have any solution.  Thanks!     - John May