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FMSA 10 Console doesn't respond

Question asked by johnm on Mar 4, 2009
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FMSA 10 Console doesn't respond

Description of the issue

I've had this issue twice now on the server. It's possible to log into the console, but nothing responds, ie: opening or closing databases. You can still log into hosted files, the database server seems to be running fine and the files are still backed up. The only way I've been able to remedy this is to go into the command line and close the files. I tried to stop the database server, but never received feedback that it was stopped. Tried to stop the service and got an error message. At that point I just restarted the server. This is new this time: Upon restart, I received the following Windows message: "Data Execution Prevention- Microsoft Windows, Filemaker Server Launcher Application" A couple of files wouldn't open because Windows wouldn't allow the temp files to be created (prior to changing the settings in the dialog that came up). After I changed the dialog settings, I was able to go into the console and open the two files that weren't allowed to open. Running Win 2003 SP2. Regards,John