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FMSA 10 Script Schedule/Command Line interface bug

Question asked by stevenburg on Mar 25, 2009
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FMSA 10 Script Schedule/Command Line interface bug

Description of the issue

I have discovered the following bug. Running Windows Server 2008, FMSA 10I have a system level script that is a simple call to the command line interface to disconnect all clients. "fmsadmin DISCONNECT CLIENT"I have a scheduled script set to run that system script.The script runs as expected without problems if there are any users logged in, however the script bombs if there are no users logged in. The text of the error follows:2009-03-25 19:24:14.788 -0400         Error    692      Data (            Schedule "Disconnect all users" aborted; system script "Disconnect_All.cmd" returned non-zero status 10001. I think the command line interface should be smart enough to handle this event. Thank youSteven Burg