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FMSA 11 - Graphics no longer displaying via IWP

Question asked by JordanMccarthy6475 on May 18, 2011
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FMSA 11 - Graphics no longer displaying via IWP


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Operating system version

Macos X server

Description of the issue

Hello Fellow Filemakers

I have run into an interesting issue with IWP under a FMSA11 environment. The issue is any new graphic object I introduce into the database file does not appear on the web. The graphic appears fine in FM Client but nothing appears on the web browser when accessing the file via IWP. I have been working on this project for three weeks without any issue with graphics displaying and all the graphics I have been incorporating into my project have been appearing correctly under IWP until today. I closed the file and even restarted the entire server with no luck.

One oddity I noticed while trying to diagnose the issue was: If I import the graphic using the "Insert picture" option in FM client the graphic doesn't appear anywhere on the web browser even the source code for the page makes no reference but if I copy and paste the graphic into filemaker the graphic appears as a broken image in the web browser?

Very frustrating and a game stopper if I don't find a answer soon - I'll have to switch to a PHP based solution.

any thoughts are appreciated.

Steps to reproduce the problem

create new graphic
paste and/or "insert picture" in FMP client - graphic displayes ok in client but doesn't appear in web browser via IWP

Expected result

I expect the graphic to show up in the web browser via IWP up until today all graphic I incorporated into the solution appears correctly in the web browser via IWP

Actual result

no graphic is displayed