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    FMSA 11 - Graphics no longer displaying via IWP



      FMSA 11 - Graphics no longer displaying via IWP


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      Macos X server

      Description of the issue

      Hello Fellow Filemakers

      I have run into an interesting issue with IWP under a FMSA11 environment. The issue is any new graphic object I introduce into the database file does not appear on the web. The graphic appears fine in FM Client but nothing appears on the web browser when accessing the file via IWP. I have been working on this project for three weeks without any issue with graphics displaying and all the graphics I have been incorporating into my project have been appearing correctly under IWP until today. I closed the file and even restarted the entire server with no luck.

      One oddity I noticed while trying to diagnose the issue was: If I import the graphic using the "Insert picture" option in FM client the graphic doesn't appear anywhere on the web browser even the source code for the page makes no reference but if I copy and paste the graphic into filemaker the graphic appears as a broken image in the web browser?

      Very frustrating and a game stopper if I don't find a answer soon - I'll have to switch to a PHP based solution.

      any thoughts are appreciated.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      create new graphic
      paste and/or "insert picture" in FMP client - graphic displayes ok in client but doesn't appear in web browser via IWP

      Expected result

      I expect the graphic to show up in the web browser via IWP up until today all graphic I incorporated into the solution appears correctly in the web browser via IWP

      Actual result

      no graphic is displayed


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          Markus Schneider
          check out, if it works on an other FileMaker client. If not, chances are good that the image was imported as a reference only and therefore an other client won't find it.... You might also try another format. Here, we got many buttons as jpeg - no problems under FMSA11
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            If you insert the picture with the "store by reference" option enabled, the image will not appear in your browser unless you first located the file in a specific folder before inserting it. Check your documentation on web publishing to get the name and location of this folder. WHen you paste an image, you are putting a physical copy of the image in the container so this will work. Your other option is to not select store by reference when using Insert Picture.

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              Ok lets clear this up.

              First I have read all filemaker inc documentation on IWP.  over and over and over again - it was next to impossible to get videos working in IWP.

              Everything was working fine until today.

              If I use the "insert picture" function from Filemaker client the picture shows correctly in FMPro client but there is absolutely no reference to it in IWP - (viewing the source code from browser)

              If I copy/paste the image into FMP client the picture shows up correctly in FMPro client but there is a box where the image should be and a ? in the middle in IWP. 

              So far I have tried JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG all images regardless of format behave the same - another interesting note is if I copy an existing image which is displaying correctly the copy of the image does display correctly in IWP?

              Is there a limit to the number of graphics you can have in any one IWP solution?  I noticed the src is point to what appears to be a container field.

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                Yes, but which option did you use to insert the picture? Did you use store by reference or not? I predict that you'll get your images to appear if you don't use store by reference.

                I don't have a copy of FMP Server Advanced or I could give you a more specific answer. Quoting from the Instant Web Publishing Guide that comes with FileMaker Pro:


                Images can either be stored inside the database itself or, for best performance, linked to a file using a relative path. If you’re hosting the database with FileMaker Pro, referenced image and movie files must be stored in the Web folder, in the FileMaker Pro folder."

                "linked to a file" is the store by reference method I am talking about.

                You should find a similar warning in the guide that comes with server advanced that tells you where to locate files when your store them by reference.

                Open the PDF, go to the index and look up Container.

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                  Jordan Mccarthy6475:

                  Thanks for posting!

                  I think I found a similar issue that was previously reported but I need to verify a couple of things to confirm it's the same thing. First, what operating system is this? You can get this information by going to the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner and select About this Mac. It should be OS X 10.x.

                  I also need to confirm that you're inserting an image onto the layout itself and not into a container field. Is this correct?

                  FileMaker, Inc. 

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                    I posted the same thread on LinkedIn and was pointed to this existing thread here:


                    Looks like it's a documented issue...

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                      Jordan Mccarthy6475:

                      To be clear, our Quality Assurance department has found that there is an issue only with copying and pasting the image onto the layout when running OS X 10.6.

                      Insert -> Picture should still work as long as the checkbox for storing by reference in the lower left hand corner of the Insert Picture dialog is not checked or the image is stored in the appropriate folder. Specifically, if you want to store it by reference, you'll need to first place the image in the Web folder of your FileMaker Pro installation and then insert the image with the reference option enabled. Then, when you move the database to the server, you'll place the images in the root directory of the web server. FileMaker Server will automatically redirect there based on the previous path being the Web folder of your FileMaker Pro installation.

                      Please let me know if you'd like any clarification on the above.

                      FileMaker, Inc.