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FMSA 12 IWP Tabs Browser Back Button - Stops Web Publishing

Question asked by JamesReed on Jun 7, 2012
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FMSA 12 IWP Tabs Browser Back Button - Stops Web Publishing


FileMaker Server


Operating system version

both OS X Lion Serverd and Windows 2008 Server

Description of the issue

When an end user is accessing via IWP, going from a form layout with a tab panel on it,( the tabs containing portals), going to a related record via a script from one of the portals and subsequently pressing the browser's BACK button, will cause the entire web publishing to stop, needing to be restarted.
This does not happen with same files under FMS 11.

Steps to reproduce the problem

In IWP, go from a layout with a tab object that contains portal of related records via a script to the related record.
Press browser back button.

Expected result

Perhaps a browser error ("form resubmission" or some such) for the user, but not the cessation of the server process.

Actual result

Instant Web Publishing process stops completely

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Server Events Error 701
Instant Web Publishing has terminated abnormally.

Configuration information

Have test on two different live database that use a similar procedure, on two different servers (Mac and WIndows), from both operating systems and multiple browsers.


Would love to have a workaround, but as it stands now absentminded users (who have been told not to use their browser back button) continue to bring it down.