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FMSA 9 - File Open - but not available

Question asked by antidote on Aug 24, 2009
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FMSA 9 - File Open - but not available

Description of the issue

I have a serious problem and cannot seem to fix it. I have about 70 files running on FMSA9 and one failed today.  It gave users a message :  users forcibly disconnected from host by administrator.  The file would not reopen on FMS, I opened it in FM10 no problems, just did a consistency check with no issues.I compacted the file rehosted. The file open fine on the server, but no one can open it via Remote Host.  I took it down, clicked the checkbox to make it visible in the host list, but once rehosted, it does not show, but it still says it is available in the FMS Admin. I tried a noon backup of the file, but that did not work either same issue  When I open the file with FMPA, everything looks fine. While file was being "hosted" or at least it said open, I tried to do a backup, it failed, with no message in FMS Admin, although the event log should the file opening and closing during the backup and then said it was not available. Not sure where to go from here.   Tim