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FMSA Admin Console not updating

Question asked by Rodney on May 24, 2010
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FMSA Admin Console not updating

Description of the issue

 FileMaker Product involved:FileMaker Server Advanced Admin Console version Operating Systems involved:Server running on Windows Server 2003 Standard.  I am running the console on Windows Vista Enterprise Detailed Description of issue:This is the second time happening.  I log onto the Admin Console.  The 'Clients' shows no users online although I know of at least 2 connected to the database, myself included.  The 'Databases' tab shows all the databases, but shows 0 for clients.  I have clicked on the 'Refresh List' button to no affect.  Last time this happened, about 2 weeks ago, the server was rebooted and has been working correctly.  I have not restarted the server yet as users are online.  Will be doing this at the end of the day.  Users are able to log on and off and do normal work on the database.  It appears only the Admin Console is having problems.  I also copied a new database to the server and it will not show up on the console, so I am not able to open it. Exact steps to reproduce the issue:This doesn't appear to be linked to any sequence of events.