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    FMSA11 can't create scheduled scripts



      FMSA11 can't create scheduled scripts

      Description of the issue

      I have come across a problem when using the admin console ( running on a Windows7 64bit machine (Edit : and the admin console running ON THE FILEMAKER SERVER ITSELF) connecting to a 32bit Installation of FMSA11 on Windows Server 2008. When I create a new schedule to run a filemaker script , I select the database up the top , then enter the admin account and password for the database. I then get the error message "SCHEDULE ASSISTANT : No scripts are available for the specified account" I have created a new account with the [Full Access] privelage set and I get the same error message. This error occurs on more than one database hosted by FMSA11. Strangeley , it works on any hosted DB that does not have a password assigned to the admin account. This problem did not occur until we went from FMSA10 to FMSA11. At one stage  , If I clicked ok on the error message , then kept clicking NEXT> it would eventually show me the list of scripts contained within the database. This has stopped occuring now and at the time it seemed a bit random. I know it's not a typing error with the password because I don't get the INVALID LOGIN error. Any clues ??? Thanks in advance ,Regards , Lee.

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          Thank you for your post.


          It sounds like the problem does not occur anymore.  Correct?


          These are the types of problems that cause frustration and headaches for everyone.  It used to work, it happens randomly, and it is difficult to replicate.


          If this problem continues, and if you have a way to replicate this issue on a consistent basis, please let me know.


          Is anyone else having this problem?



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            No , it's happening all the time now , I need to add more scheduled scripts urgently and I can't due to this problem.

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              I don't have access to a Windows 7 machine, but I have tried this on both Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 server (and Mac OS X Server), and I have been unable to replicate the problem.


              The one time I did receive the error message "No scripts are available for the specified account", I had forgotten to enter the Account name and Password.


              I will find a Windows 7 machine with FileMaker Server 11 installed, and I will try again.


              Does this occur with just one database file or all files?


              I will keep you posted.



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                This problem occurs on multiple databases. You don't need to try it on windows 7 , the same issue occurs on any machine running the admin console. It's strange that you got the error message that you did because if it were a password error , the admin console would have told you that the account information (username or password) were incorrect.

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                  OK , I've found something that might help give a clue about this issue. The database in question has a startup script and if I de-select this script in file options , I can then create a scheduled script. It's funny though , cause the first few lines of the script check for FMServer as the initiator of the script , and if it is FMServer, then it pretty much skips the rest of the script , and instead runs another script which does nothing but set global variables.


                  All of this setup worked fine with FMSA10 , the scripts have not been modified before this problem occured. To work around this I have created a new startup script , and within this I have:


                  If[PatternCount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ; "Server")=0]

                      Perform Script ["Old startup Script"]

                      End If

                  Exit Script[]



                  UPDATE ::: This is getting weird , after changing those startup scripts , the admin console let me create one scheduled script ,then that's it. If I try to create another , I get that stupid message again "No scripts are available for the specified account". I also get this error when trying to edit a working scheduled script.

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                    I have found this thread because I am having a similar problem.

                    Here is the weird part... We are still using FileMaker Server 10, with the same hosted database[s] and script schedules as before, but now that I am testing FMPA11 for the new dev environment and have been working on our primary hosted db with it.  I now get this very error you are discussing when I try to create a new schedule for the existing db. It will not even let into the old (and still functioning) schedule to look at the config for it.  How odd is this?? FMPA11 must be changing something in the hosted file. So far I have had printing troubles and now this with the 11 series and I am contemplating the wisdom of transitioning the server. I could really use some help at this point.

                    Thank you,

                    Matthew Smith

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                      I am unable to replicate the problem.  What OS and version are you running?  How many schedules do you have?  Are you unable to edit all scripts or just certain ones?  What are the names of the schedules?  I'm trying to find some possible connection.



                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                        I currently have 12 scheduled scripts. It's running FMSA11 on windows 2008 server (32bit). I might have found another connection. It's early morning here in Australia , so I quicky opened the database locally , disabled the startup script , closed then opened the database on the server and I could then create more schedules. After the 5th new schedule , I started getting the message again when I tried to create the sixth new schedule , but I noticed that a user had opened the database on their terminal. This is a live system so it's hard to test theories during business hours , but I suspect that this occurs when 1 or more client(s) have the database open. I will test this theory late this afternoon when everyone has gone home.

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                          Hello TSGal,


                          We are running OS X 10.5.xx (xx being whatever is the latest update). I have a total of 10 schedules but only with 5 enabled. 3 are backup routines, 2 of those are the "Daily" and the "Weekly" that come pre-formed with the server, one is "Every 3 hours" and does as it says, of course :) during my normal working hours when I am actively developing/maintaining and the user traffic is at its heaviest. The other two enable schedules run scripts. The first is "PM script for 2am" which closes active tasks that were left open at the end of the day. This is the script I need to modify and test and the sole reason I stumbled across this problem. The second script is "Status Pairing Routine" which runs approx. every 20-some minutes to look at all recently changed tasks to ensure that the statuses have been properly assigned. This is used to ensure the reporting functions return information that is reasonably accurate. I have a similar problem as Powerslave. The system is nearly a 24/7 operation with the heaviest traffic during normal business hours. There are employees that access the system 24 hours a day and 6-7 days a week.

                          We currently host 39 databases with more being planned. I tend to typically get 10-20 clients during the day. We have the following stats with the numbers entered as (avg/peak):


                          Cache Hit % (100/100)

                          Cache Unsaved % (0/18)

                          Disk KB/sec (3/24576)

                          Elapsed Time/call (6912/3471190) 

                          I/O Time/call (3/1585)

                          Network KB/sec (4/680)

                          Open Databases (39/39)

                          Remote Calls/sec (2/575)

                          Wait Time/call (17/1640943)

                          An explanation for some of the numbers is wrapped up with some network instability. Work orders and purchase requests have been approved to help with that problem with some work already having been done.


                          Could the problem at hand be a result of the new security implementations in v11? I have seen posts around complaining that sometimes the version of the client's fmp is being mis-reported to the server. Could that be related? 


                          I hope the information can helps. Thank you for checking into it. :)


                          Matthew Smith

                          Organic Technologies

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                            An update...


                            I noticed that the nightly script did not run last night and the reports are showing open tasks all around. When looking into it further I found that the server's log had only three entries in it for the entire day, usually it is dozens. What was in there showed the schedule starting and then.. nothing. It is completely blank, no log of backups, no failed authentications, nothing. This can't be good. 

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                              Yet another update - 


                              The admin console had lost (at least partially) connection to the server. I sighed and rebooted the server machine. Now I can create and edit schedules again and my logging is back up (sans entries from 2am to 10.30am).


                              I will keep you posted if I discover anything further. I am hopeful that if we do not release the v11 to the client machines and I avoid tinkering with it on the server db's that all will be well. In about a week or two we will have new hardware in and can then install the v11 server on snow leopard. I will begin transitioning at that point after some brief testing. Wish me luck. lol

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                                This last post indicates that this is the same bug originally reported for Filemaker Server 10:



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                                  It does sound like part of the problem, if not all. This would also indicate that the bug in the discussion thread you posted is not limited to the Windows server as some in that thread had seemed to suggest. We have had occasional freezes and/or crashes. Sometimes associated with a corrupted temp file. I have generally attributed it to network instability and doubled-up on the backups (thus the 3 hour rolling backup). However, the inability to add/modify script schedules is new and why I have landed here. It was preventing me from moving forward on pressing projects.

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                                    I have confirmed that when a user has the database open , this problem occurs. MPS1773 , can you try kicking off all users during the least busiest server time and confirm if you can create/modify schedules ??? This seems to have worked for me. My scenario is the opposite though , Server 11 with FMP10 clients. I will upgrade them to FMPro11 today if I get the chance to see if this helps , though I thought Server11 is comaptible with 10 clients ???

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