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FMSA11 can't create scheduled scripts

Question asked by PowerSlave on Mar 24, 2010
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FMSA11 can't create scheduled scripts

Description of the issue

I have come across a problem when using the admin console ( running on a Windows7 64bit machine (Edit : and the admin console running ON THE FILEMAKER SERVER ITSELF) connecting to a 32bit Installation of FMSA11 on Windows Server 2008. When I create a new schedule to run a filemaker script , I select the database up the top , then enter the admin account and password for the database. I then get the error message "SCHEDULE ASSISTANT : No scripts are available for the specified account" I have created a new account with the [Full Access] privelage set and I get the same error message. This error occurs on more than one database hosted by FMSA11. Strangeley , it works on any hosted DB that does not have a password assigned to the admin account. This problem did not occur until we went from FMSA10 to FMSA11. At one stage  , If I clicked ok on the error message , then kept clicking NEXT> it would eventually show me the list of scripts contained within the database. This has stopped occuring now and at the time it seemed a bit random. I know it's not a typing error with the password because I don't get the INVALID LOGIN error. Any clues ??? Thanks in advance ,Regards , Lee.