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FMSA11 can't write results from ODBC query from .asp pages

Question asked by bearriver on Mar 28, 2010
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FMSA11 can't write results from ODBC query from .asp pages

Description of the issue

 Hi All,I updated a server to FMSA11 today from FMSA10 and my website (ASP) queries (SQL queries via ODBC) no longer work. I have upgraded to the latest version of ODBC drivers from the FMSA11 install files and the ODBC connection tests are successful. Also, I found a post somewhere on the web that mentioned that the connection string format has changed, so I modified the connection string.I can see that my queries now connect and perform the queries (I have tested the INSERT and SELECT queries) - HOWEVER when running a SELECT query the results do not seem to write to the page.  Here's what my query looks like:set oConn = server.createobject ("ADODB.Connection")oConn.Open Application("strConnect")strSQL = "SELECT box1_color, box2_color, box1_text, box2_text, box3_color, box3_text, box3_bgcolor, box3_fontcolor, box3_showhide FROM Graphix WHERE recid = 1"Set rsInfo = oConn.execute(strSQL) If NOT rsInfo.EOF Then box1_color = rsInfo("box1_color")box2_color = rsInfo("box2_color")box1_text = rsInfo("box1_text")box2_text = rsInfo("box2_text")box3_showhide = rsInfo("box3_showhide")box3_color = rsInfo("box3_color")box3_text = rsInfo("box3_text")box3_bgcolor = rsInfo("box3_bgcolor")box3_fontcolor = rsInfo("box3_fontcolor")rsInfo.MoveNextEnd IfrsInfo.CloseoConn.Close It worked this way for years before upgrading to FMSA11 - but now no longer works. Any ideas?