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FMSE Dead after Database Server restart

Question asked by jmrusch on Jul 28, 2012


FMSE Dead after Database Server restart


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Mac Lion, Mac Snow Leopard

Description of the issue

One of my clients's database server (FMSA 12, Mac Lion) is crashing regularly.

Anyway, it's simple to restart the database server in the admin console, but the FileMaker Scripting Engine (FMSE) doesn't automatically restart when the database server restarts.

So any server script that tries to run aborts and the server log shows a message that tells you to restart FMSE using this command: fmsadmin start fmse.

That command gives an error 10006 which apparently means "errAEWriteDenied or telCAUnavail: a CA is not available". My reaction -- "huh?" The client's IT guy thinks it has something to do with certificates, but he spent today making sure all certificates were installed and up to date (if those are the right terms), but we still see the same error. The only way we've figured out to restart the FMSE is to restart the whole machine.

I am able to reproduce the problem on my copy of FMSA 12 running on Snow Leopard.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Crash your database server (in our case, all we have to do is any of a series of find requests on an external MSSQL data source using Actual Tech drivers and ESS, but that's another problem).

2. Restart the database server using admin console.

3. Server-based scripts will all abort until the FMSE is restarted.

4. Can't restart the FMSE using command: fmsadmin start fmse (get error 10006).

5. Must restart the whole FM Server machine to clear up the problem.

Expected result

After database server restart, server-based scripts should run.

Actual result

After database server restart, server-based scripts don't run because the FMSE is dead.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Message in log: "restart FMSE using this command: fmsadmin start fmse"

After issuing that command, we get error 10006.

Configuration information

Mac mini running Lion.

Problem also occurs on Mac Pro running Snow Leopard.


Restart the whole FM Server machine.