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FMServer v12 Advanced Install Fail

Question asked by TrevorWarburton on Apr 14, 2012


FMServer v12 Advanced Install Fail


FileMaker Server


v12.0.1.178 Pro Advanced Developer Licence

Operating system version

Mac OSX 10.7.3

Description of the issue

Click on the Filemaker Server 12 icon (one with the blue down arrow on it) in the dmg image.
Click 'Open' on the 'downloaded from internet warning', the FS12 blue arrow same icon then shows on the Dock, a dialog then appears asking for my user name and password (wants to make changes to the system) - I enter password and click ok. I have an Administrator account on the Mac.

A few seconds later, a second FMS12 icon appears on the dock beside the first. The Mac waiting icon shows for about 7 seconds, then the second FMS12 blue arrow icon disappears, then about 10 seconds later the first FMS disappears.

There are no other messages, warnings, dialogs or any indication that it is installing.

I have re downloaded the install file from the FM site, I have downloaded the Advanced server Trial (i.e. not the Dev version) and the same result. NOTHING.

I tried downloading the windows version and it installed ok on a windows machine. I DONT want the windows version, I want it running on my mac book pro.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Download Dev Trial from the FM website (I have account).
Double Click on downloaded fms_12.0.1.178.dmg file which gets validated and then mounts as a drive.
Double Click on the drive to open and inside that, double click on the FileMaker Server 12 icon (with the downward pointing blue arrow)
Result is as described in the description above.

Expected result

FM Server installer should begin.

Actual result

See Description of the issue.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

MacBook Pro 17", 10 months old, 8 Gig Ram, running OSX lion 10.7.3 fully patched and up to date. There is over 110 Gig free HD space. I do also have a licensed copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced on the Same MacBook. I have paid the 1 year tech subscription and have a valid 1 year FMSA Dev licence key.