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FMServer Warning 200 Client

Question asked by user14691 on Mar 31, 2009
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FMServer Warning 200 Client

Description of the issue

We have recently installed Filemaker Server 10 and have all of our staff except for our database administrator on Filemaker Pro 10 volume license copies. When our database administrator tries to log  in (using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced) into the FM server,  the server administrator receives the following error:FileMaker Server on reported the following event:2009-03-31 10:03:45.285 -0500    Warning    200    Client "(User's MacBook Pro) [209.234.75.XXX]" denied access because the license key is already in use by client "User Name (User's MacBook Pro) []". And the database administrator gets the following warning before being shut out of filemaker temporarily:   When the server checks for licensing information, it sees that she has connected via the external IP, but if she is in the building, she is also on the server's subnet and it sees her as a different user.  She is also getting the same error when connecting via the internal IP, if she opens multiple databases.  While we can understand that connecting via the internal IP is a viable workaround temporarily, that would only be because she is the database administrator.  It is next to impossible to advise and expect our users to connect to the server using one IP address when they are IN the building, and another when they are OUT of the building.Does anyone know of any fix for this error?