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fmserverd (Not Responding)

Question asked by dale_1 on Jul 17, 2014
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fmserverd (Not Responding)


FileMaker Server



Operating system version


Description of the issue

Every 3 to 8 days, Apple's Activity Monitor shows this Process turning red: fmserverd (Not Responding).  Shutting down all the clients causes the Process to return to its normal black type.  I've noticed aberrant behavior of our POS system which is a 40 relationally connected FM db's, and then I check, and find that fmserverd has turned red.

I should add that I consistently notice the Memory Used figure (as reported by Activity Monitor) increases from around 6 gigs on start up of FMS to 8 then past 10 gigs, then it may drop; then it may migrates at times past 11 to as high as 11.5 gigs

Configuration information

running client version of OS10.9.4 on a current generation of Mac mini, 2.3 ghz core i7 with 12 gigs of ram.  I have 750 megs assigned to the cache.

Don't have any other apps running other than FMS


well, I shut down the client machines. and routinely do a Mac reboot.