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FMSever13 - Windows - System Level Scripts will 'abort' if run under a local user account

Question asked by cjcj01 on Feb 11, 2014
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FMSever13 - Windows - System Level Scripts will 'abort' if run under a local user account


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows Server 2012

Steps to reproduce the problem

1) Create a .bat file e.g. test.bat with one command e.g. Echo test & Exit
2) Save test.bat to Filemaker Server/data/scripts
3) Set up a new scheduled system level script
4) Select test.bat from the drop down menu
5a) First try to run this without selecting 'user a user account rather than the default account'
5b) Second try the same scheduled script but choosing a 'user account rather than the default account' e.g. the local administrator account
6) Run the script

Expected result

Runs with the result: OK

Actual result

If you follow path 5a - all is good, result: OK

If you follow path 5b - result: Aborts Unexpectedly

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Error 154 TF_FMS2 Schedule "Batch Again" aborted; "test.bat" could not be found or is invalid

This is an incorrect message which is poorly described and implemented:
1) test.bat can be found, it has just been selected in the drop down menu
2) test.bat is not invalid, it has correct syntax and it has just run under the default account

If anything, this is a permissions issue, not that it cannot be found or is invalid.

But I think that this is a bug in FMS13 as no script can now be run under any local user account including the administrator.

Configuration information

None - this is a standard Windows 2012 server with only FMS13 running all services. No additional configuration.

This has also been tested on a Windows 7 machine with the same result.

See technet discussion:


There are no workarounds, other than to use the OS level Task Scheduler to run the system level script, but this disconnects control from combining functionality of FM and System level scripts.