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fms_updater_13.0.5.520 does not complete on Win2012 R2

Question asked by JonJ on Dec 2, 2014
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fms_updater_13.0.5.520 does not complete on Win2012 R2


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Description of the issue

Running FMS on Windows 2012 (newly installed, with no other apps or services running). I shut the service down gracefully and ran the updater. It prompted me that it was going to install Java v7.51 (odd, as Java 8.25 is the current version). After a few moments there was an unprompted (but graceful) restart.

After that, the databases were hosted, but there was no confirmation that I had achieved anything (except install an out-of-date copy of Java).

I re-ran the updater, and it seemed to run more smoothly, reporting a successful update.
Then I realised I couldn't access the admin console, and WebDirect would not run (reporting a CGI error).

There was no way to roll back the update, and so I manually removed Java 7.51, installed Java 8.25, then ran a repair install of the FMS updater—this reinstalled Java 7.51 alongside 8.25 (without a restart), but seems to have restored access to the admin console and WebD.

However, now Window Control Panel reports that I have FMS installed, while the FM admin console reports that I have MFS installed (and prompts me to update).

Steps to reproduce the problem

Run FMS updater under the conditions reported above.

Expected result

FMS updated to with minimal disruption.

Actual result

Wailing and gnashing of teeth. Repair install required, and uncertainty about which version of FMS is installed.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

WebD website failed with a report of 'a CGI error' , admin console page 'was not available'

Configuration information

Win2012 R2 was fully updated and restarted just before the attempted FMS update. There are no other apps or services running.


Run a repair install of FMS (or perhaps