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    Font changes when pasting text



      Font changes when pasting text


      FileMaker Pro


      12 Advanced

      Operating system version

      Windows 7 64-bit

      Description of the issue

      When pasting text (from e-mail) into a field the font changes from the field font to something less legible: in my case Lucida Sans Typewriter 12 pt to Times New Roman ~8 pt. This did not happen in FMP 9.


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               It's happened in every version since... I dunno FileMaker 3? But not with all operating systems. (In windows xp, the text is pasted as unformatted text.)

               The text formatting is pasted along with the text.

               The fix for this remains to use an auto-enter calculation to strip out the formatting so that the field's text format settings control what you see in the field:

               TextFormatRemove ( Self ) // be sure to clear the "do not replace existing values.. check box also

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                 Thank you for the post.

                 PhilModJunk is correct. You can also do an "Undo" by pressing Control-Z (Windows) or Command-Z (Mac) right after pasting to get the same result. A third option is to use the "Paste Text Only" shortcut Control-Shift-V (Windows) or Command-Shift-Option-V (Mac).

                 Prior to FileMaker Pro 12 the shortcut for "Paste Text Only" was Command-Option-V (Mac).

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                   Thanks TSFalcon! <Ctrl+Shift+V> works! Found it documented in FMP 12 help!!

                   Apparently it's not a standard Windows command, but it might work in some other programs as well.