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Font Doesn't Render Smooth when zoomed in on

Question asked by FileMucker on Jan 11, 2010


Font Doesn't Render Smooth when zoomed in on

Description of the issue

FileMaker Product(s) involvedFM 10.03 Adv,Operating System(s) involved Mac OS 10.6.2Detailed description of the issueAt 100%, small fonts are bitmap as expected for the setting Sys pref: LCD on, off, 10pt or smallerBut, zooming in (Browse mode, etc),  should allow small fonts to screen-render anti-aliased at the new size, but they do not. (eg 200% is 20pt now).Exact steps to reproduce the issueFont Arial. Bold and not, 9, 10 12 point on layout. Expected Resultsmooth fonts for sizes ON SCREEN larger than 10 pts, as any page layout program would do when zooming in on text. Actual Resultpixel bitmap edges and visual font doubling to simulate bold style or any fonts defined at lower sizes. Fonts still 'think' they are 10 pt or less and do not render smooth.Any workarounds that you have foundChange smooth fonts setting in OS to 4pt (which makes small text hard to read and navigate with i-beam cursor).