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    Font menu is missing fonts



      Font menu is missing fonts


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OSX 10.7.5

      Description of the issue

      I recently upgraded from FileMaker Pro 11.0v4 to 13.0v3. The new version seems unable to access fonts that the older version can.

      For instance, I just now created a new database in FMP 11 and set some text in Gotham Bold. If I try to create a new database in FMP 13, that same font does not come up in the font menu. By the same token, if I convert the FMP 11 (.fp7) database to the .fmp12 format in FMP 13, the type that I set in Gotham Bold with the older software still looks correct but shows a blank for the font name in the formatting bar when I select the text box. I should also note that the full Gotham family of fonts appears in my FMP 11 font menu, whereas only certain members of the Gotham family appear in the FMP 13 font menu. The Memory preference for FMP 11 is set at 64 MB; for FMP 13, I've tried setting it at 64, 128, 256 and 512 MB, all to no avail.

      I would also note that I use Suitcase Fusion for font management. I have also tried turning off all fonts except the System fonts, again to no avail. I also tried using Font Book to move the font family to resolve the issue, but again encountered the same problem.

      The issue seems to be limited to the OpenType version of the Gotham font. FMP 13 works fine with the Postscript version. Unfortunately I have to use the OpenType version on a current project because that what the client has.

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               Hi Ronald,

               Thank you for your post.

               To help future investigations, are you able to test the issue with FileMaker Pro 12 ?

               Because i think this issue may be a collateral consequence of a bug's resolution described here.

               Bye, Fred

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                 Hi Fred,

                 I don't have FMP 12. My client does, however, and I know that the issue that I encountered with Gotham Bold (OpenType) on FMP 13 does not occur with FMP 12. It would be easy for me to just switch over to the Postscript version of the font for my own system, but because they are using the OpenType version of Gotham I need to find a solution that works both with their system and my own.

                 If you know of a workaround, I'd love to hear it.

                 I already tried doing this:

                 1. Open only the Bold weight of Gotham (Postscript). Create database in FMP 13 and set type in that font. Works fine.

                 2. Open only the weights of Gotham OpenType that I know work in FMP 13 (Light, Book, Medium). Doing step 2 caused FMP 13 to stop recognizing the Gotham Bold that I set in step 1. (It still looked fine, but its name was now blank in the formatting bar.) It also disappeared from FMP 13's font menu. I quit FMP 13.

                 3. I open FMP 11 and create a database using type set in Gotham Bold (Postscript) and Gotham Light (OpenType). No problems. Quit FMP 11.

                 4. I close the OpenType versions of Gotham and restart FMP 13. I can again set type in Gotham Bold (Postscript).

                 Clearly FMP 13 is having some sort of problem with certain OpenType fonts such as Gotham. Strangely I have not encountered this issue with other OpenType fonts such as DIN or Solex.



                 Ron Bouwhuis

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                   Hi Ron,

                   I do not have the whole explanation.

                   But following the last information you sent me privately (thank you) i can see you are expecting some font appear on Font menu even they should not :

                   • Gotham Book Italic -> Appearing as "Gotham Book" on your Font Menu and should be activated when Italic style is selected
                   • Gotham Light Italic -> Appearing as "Gotham Light" on your Font Menu and should be activated when Italic style is selected
                   • Gotham Medium Italic -> Appearing as "Gotham Medium" on your Font Menu and should be activated when Italic style is selected

                   Etc… This is the result of FM 13 design change i talked about on my previous post.

                   However, i do not understand why "Gotham" and "Gotham Thin" are not appearing on your Font Menu as they should. Then, the following fonts should be activated with the appropriate style :

                   • Gotham Bold
                   • Gotham Bold Italic
                   • Gotham Thin
                   • Gotham Thin Italic

                   The mystery remains.

                   Bye, Fred