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    Font Styles Disappear



      Font Styles Disappear


      FileMaker Pro



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      Windows 7

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      We often apply Font Styles to text in our Filemaker Pro Databases such as Bold and Italic, however, these styles disappear constantly. We re-apply the styles to the text and again it disappears. We have tried troubleshooting this issue, but there is no set reason or time frame for the styles to disappear that we can determine. Please advise.


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               Most developers need the opposite: They want to prevent styling of text inside a field--either styles applied to the field via the formatting bar or pasted with the text from another application.

               The fix for them is to set up this auto-enter calculation for the field:

               TextFormatRemove ( Self )

               Is there any chance that such an auto-enter calculation has been set up for this field?

               A script performed via script trigger might also strip out the styles.

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                 Stevo In Yr Studio:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 Font styles should not disappear.  What troubleshooting actions have you taken?  Try creating two additional fields:

                 ModTime (Timestamp - Auto-enter Modification Timestamp)
                 ModName (Text - Auto-enter Modification Name)

                 This will let you know the name and date/time of the person who last modified the record.

                 In case the original field is damaged, create a new field, and replace the contents of the new field with the contents of the original field.

                 Keep me updated with any progress.

                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   This FileMaker Pro document is being used as a datebase for entering information regarding fixes for online course, so some of the people using it are accessing it via a browser, however everyone involved in the process has clarified that the do not change the Font Styles, nor do they copy the text from the field paste it to another document, update the text, then copy it back to the FileMaker database.

                   I have checked the database in a browser and newly entered Text Styles are still present, however after several days they disappear and we are at a loss how this is happening.

                   I have suspected that entering new text via a browser is causing previous text entered to lose the font styles applied, but I have entered 'test' text via a browser and this did not cause previously font styles to be lost.

                   Our resident Filemaker expert is on vacation this week, but when he returns next week I will have him review the responses here and see if he is able to correct the issue based on information provided. If not, I will have him provide more technical information as to precisely how the database was created in the hopes that may shed some light on the issue.

                   FYI, the example screenshot I posted is still retaining it's font styles, however I am keeping a close watch on it to see if it disappears. Unfortunately, at this time that issue is closed and no one will be entering further text; and all the other open issues have no font styles applied, so I'm not certain if we will be able to fully resolve this until we start the next project. I will, however, ask the individual working on this project to add some font styles to the open issues to see if we can see if the styles disappear after someone else enters additional text into the same field.

                   Thank you for the feedback.

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                     Stevo In Yr Studio:

                     Thank you for the additional information.

                     Since some users are accessing the file via a browser, do you know if the access is being done via Instant Web Publishing?  Custom Web Publishing with PHP?  Custom Web Publishing with XML/XSLT?  Also, what browsers are being used (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)?  What browser version is being used?  If the "resident FileMaker expert" knows some of that information, then it may be better until her/his return.

                     FileMaker, Inc.