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    Font-/Object-Color = "none" => white

    Benjamin Fehr


      Font-/Object-Color = "none" => white


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      select txt or object and choose color = none
      You can do so as well by set conditionalGraficFormating with a formula and condition
      Txt-Color= none.

      Txt / object will appear in white color.

      This bug has been reported about 1 Year ago first by A.Kegebein.

      In v4 I've recognized that when selecting txt in Layout-Mode, then set color=none, switch to Browse-Mode and back to Layout-Mode, the color-attribute changed to "white".
      This behavior is new with v4. Though obviously somebody aimed to fix that bug (probably short before lunchtime) but didn't finish!

      Though take this as a reminder:

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      all described above


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               That would be very nice if that worked because it was a great idea at origin ! 


               This bug was agreed here : FM12 - Conditional Format: Font colorsetting NONE colors the text white

               Bye, Fred

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                 Benjamin Fehr and Fred:

                 Thank you for the posts and for linking to the previous report.


                 Testing and Development reviewed the original report and wanted to pass along the information that at this time FileMaker Pro does not support transparent text. A text object set to the color "none" will render the text object's color to white. 


                 DavidAnders also lists four different workarounds in the following thread:


            Transparent fill?



                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   Would you please ask this question then on our behalf?

                   Why on earth then did you add a "font color none" option? What good is it to us if it is the same as selecting "white" as the color?

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                     Thank you for the reply.

                     This issue was brought up before to Product Development with the suggestion to remove the first item in the palette for text color or to make the option not selectable since transparent text is not supported. No other information is available. 


                     FileMaker, Inc.

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                            or to make the option not selectable

                       That has the same potential issue as the current setup. Either way, the impression is created that there is a bug in the sofware. Removing the option would avoid that potential confusion.

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                    Benjamin Fehr


                    Is this the way FMI deals with it's own insufficiencies?!

                    This bug was reported > 1 Year ago by A.Kegenbein. Though you're reacting now by suggesting to have the function removed?!! 

                    If there's only one single Person @ FMI to have an in depth look at the product before launch, this desaster would never had happened.

                    Tell the guys to make this work and to do theirs f##ing job!!!!

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                      Benjamin Fehr

                      with FMP 13, the 'HideObject IF' function for layout objects was introduced, offering option to hide object the way we tried to do with object color=none in the past.


                      the "Font-/Object-Color = "none" function still exists in FMP 14. And still doesn't work!

                      I couldn't care less about this function.

                      What I really care about is the none existing SW Quality Assurance at FMI!

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                        Currently, text does not support transparency.  Continue to use Hide Object function.  The suggestion to have the transparency option omitted (for text) has been noted by Testing and Development.



                        FileMaker, Inc.

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                          Benjamin Fehr


                          It's not about "new function won't function".

                          It's about FMI Testing and Quality Assurance which completely failed three times in a row (FMP12, FMP13, FMP14)!


                          Since this never worked at all, it should have been replaced/deleted with FMP12.0vx, 13 OR FMP 14.

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                            Benjamin Fehr

                            FMP14.0.4: Not solvent yet.

                            Doesn't hurt me much. This is just to proof that any kind of SQA still doesn't take place at FMI.

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                              efficientbizz wrote:

                              This is just to proof that any kind of SQA still doesn't take place at FMI.


                              efficientbizz  I complain here about a lot of bugs that persist v-rev after v-rev, but I feel obligated to chime in here on your comment.  First off, this is not a bug; they knew from the outset that they weren't yet able to define text with a transparent "color".  The selection still appears when defining text colors because the color selector pallette is one that is used across all FM color selecting.  It obviously would have taken a lot to "fix" it to be perfect, so they apparently decided that it was something people could live with in the meanwhile.  That's not a "bug", but was more or less "by design".


                              Just because bugs exist in the product v-rev after v-rev doesn't mean that the product lacks QA.  What it means is that different issues have been prioritized by product management to fix the more critical ones first.  If anything, you might blame the CFO for not investing enough into Engineering so that bugs can be eliminated and re-tested in a more timely way.  Or blame the product manager for not prioritizing issues the same way you would.  But especially after you've reported it here and TSGal or TSTurtle or whomever has acknowledged it, you can be sure it is on FMI's to-do list.  It's all a matter of prioritization, not a failing QA mechanism.



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                                Strictly spoken, i agree Howard Schlossberg :


                                The fact a lot of bug that persist v-rev after v-rev, is IMHO meaning there is a lack of "ressources" to produce new features as clean as possible on each major version AND fixing more legacy and new bug as actually, in order to have a more positive global balance at the end of a version timeframe :

                                New open bugs vs Fixed/Closed bugs during a given timeframe.

                                And comparing this balance to the previous one in order to go on a positive direction...


                                I am afraid i am feeling this is not the case. So finally, my point is also a lack of ressources allowed "somewhere" which is about efficientbizz meant.

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                                  This issue has been addressed in FileMaker Pro 15.  You are now unable to select the transparent icon for Text objects.



                                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                                    The text color none is not selectable for me in FMPA 15.

                                    It's a calculation field if it's matter.