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    Fonts missing from font list



      Fonts missing from font list


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OS X 10.6

      Description of the issue

      I want to use Myriad Pro in my layouts. The font -- an OpenType font with PostScript outlines -- is installed in the system folder and is turned on in FontBook, but it does not show up in the list of available fonts in FileMaker. I also tracked down a TrueType version of Myriad, installed it in the system folder and turned it on in FontBook. It does not show up in the FileMaker font list, either.

      What do I need to do to use this font in my layouts?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Click font drop-down while in layout mode and scroll through list looking for desired font.

      Expected result

      All fonts that are installed on the system and active (on) in FontBook should be available in the font list.

      Actual result

      Many fonts that should be available are missing from the font list, and some fonts that are disabled (off) in FontBook show up in the font list.

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          John Spragens:

          Thank you for your post.

          I am unable to replicate this problem.  I just acquired the Myriad Pro OpenType fonts (Regular, Italic, Bold, Semibold, Bold Italic, Semibold Italic, Condensed, Condensed Italic, Bold Condensed and Bold Condensed Italic), installed them into Font Book on my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6.4 and my iMac running OS X 10.5.8, and all ten sub-fonts display in FileMaker Pro.

          My creation date shows 9/9/2009.

          If you acquired these fonts from a third-party, you may want to use a utility that converts OpenType to TrueType (and vice versa).  Use your favorite search engine for these utilities.

          Any other information you have about these fonts may be helpful.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            What, in general, determines whether a font is shown in the FileMaker fonts menu?

            In my fonts menu in FileMaker, I'm seeing many fonts that are turned Off in Font Book. Yet, at the same time, there are multiple fonts (not just Myriad) that are activated in Font Book but not visible in the FileMaker fonts menu.

            I have tried the OpenType (PostScript) Myriad Pro, a smaller set of Myriad in TrueType, and Myriad Web Pro, which is OpenType (TrueType). None of the three shows up in FileMaker.

            The constituent fonts of the Myriad Pro set, which is the one I'm primarily concerned about, show various version numbers, ranging from 1.006 to 2.062. I assume that's because variants were added over time. The set was purchased as a set, all at the same time.

            For comparison, in case this is a clue to some problem with my system, the font menu in InDesign shows all installed fonts (including Myriad Pro), regardless of whether they are turned on or off in Font Book.

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              A few more data points from some experimentation I did last night.

              I pared down the list of installed fonts on the system to about half what it had been at the time of my initial report. Font Book now shows 960 fonts installed.

              With this reduced set of installed fonts, FileMaker Pro does see Myriad and does allow me to use it in my layouts.

              However, it still omits some installed fonts from the list. One example I found in a spot check: P22 Underground Pro.

              Comparisons with other programs:

              * InDesign does see Underground and does let me use it in documents.

              * TypeBook Creator doesn't see Underground, and there seems to be at least a rough correspondence between the fonts it omits from its catalog and the fonts missing from the FileMaker fonts list.

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                John Spragens:

                I don't have anywhere near the number of fonts you have, so it may be a number limit.  In any case, I have sent a request to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments asking for more information about font usage with FileMaker Pro.  When I receive a response, I will let you know.

                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  I have the same problem under Win Vista with a barcode font "IDAutomationHC". It´s in my windows font book but not to be found in File Maker.

                  First I thougt the font has to be copied into the File Maker font book. But this font book got apparently nothing to do with the fonts to be choosen in File Maker . 

                  Please think of me when having a solution...


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                     labbifreund, in windows FileMaker, you have an option in your fonts menu labeled "configure/add more fonts". Have you tried using this feature to add the barcode font to your list?

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                      I have now installed a font manager (FontExplorer X Pro) and moved all my fonts that had been in /Library/Fonts into FontExplorer's repository.

                      In the process, I noticed that FileMaker seems to attempt to show in its font menu both of the following:

                      * All fonts that are activated by the font manager

                      * All fonts in the basic system Fonts folders (/Library/Fonts, /System/Library/Fonts, /Users/[username]/Library/Fonts) including fonts that are not activated in the font manager

                      I have also, before starting to use FontExplorer, installed and begun using TypeBook Creator. That program was having some problems recognizing fonts that parallelled the problems I was having in FileMaker.

                      The tech support folks for TypeBook Creator said that if the program, when it is scanning the files in the fonts directories, encounters a font that is corrupted or has other structural problems, that may affect its ability to add subsequently scanned fonts to its list.

                      I used the font validator in Font Book to check all the fonts (at that time, they were in /Library/Fonts), and I deleted all the fonts that were red-flagged for errors.

                      Removing the files for the fonts that the validator flagged for errors enabled both TypeBook Creator and FileMaker to see and use some fonts that they had not included in their font lists before.

                      At a practical level, my problem is resolved now. And I think I have a somewhat better understanding of how FileMaker populates its fonts list.

                      If I'm wrong about any of this, I hope someone with better knowledge will correct me.

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                        This issue is my issue right now. This thread is great. I'm so glad I found it. Don't know if it will solve my issue, but I'm off to try. If TSGal does post more on this topic I'd like to hear about it too.


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                          Ok so sit down laugh...  I might have a solution and it's so simple...  I added some fonts to my computer (mostly True Type Fonts, and FileMaker wasn't seeing any of them.  After a long sad story, I closed the database then opened it again.  All the fonts I added were there in the Configure More Fonts List. 

                          Go to Layout View/Select text you want to change the font/click the font list/At the top of the font list click Configure More Fonts/then move the fonts you want to use to the right side.

                          So that might not be your problem...  but give it a try...  after all...

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